9-2021 An excellent PhD proposal defense (the first one in person for a long time!) but Shubham Awate!

Summer 2021 – Farewell party for Ke. We will miss you – all the best at RIT!

Jerry hosting a lovely lunch with the group!

Spring 2021 – Celebrating Dr. Jerry Liang’s commencement at PNC park! (Sorry you couldn’t make it Dr. Chao!)

Jerry and Zhongmou heading off to their next adventures: Electrical and Computer Engineering at U. of Maryland and Chemical Engineering at Cornell! Good luck guys – we will miss you!

March 2021 – a Zoom celebration for Jerry’s birthday (including Jerry’s wife, Runfang, and some Fullerton group alumni!)

Keeping this group meeting photo to remind us of that year the Pitt crew was zooming.


Congratulations to Dr. Chao and Dr. Liang for 2 exceptional back-to-back PhD defenses this week! Zoom is not the way we envisioned it all those years ago, but you both made the @fullerton_lab proud. Well done guys.

Buddy the Elf is almost as excited about these transport demos for ChE Pitt from Washington State University and the NSF as I am.

2/19/2020 Chemical Engineering Research Day
Top: Zhongmou gives a fantastic talk on his work published in Advanced Functional Materials
Bottom left: Jerry Liang talks about his new work on single-ion conductors
Bottom right: Shubham Awate talks about his progress on monolayer electrolyte RAM

December 2019: The group is so busy we needed two lunches to make sure everyone could celebrate our accomplishments! Group lunch #1:
Shubham Awate, Zhongmou Chao, Susan Fullerton, Abigale Gray, Jon Bingaman, Sam Bunke

Group lunch #2: Zhongmou Chao, Eli Bostian, Jerry Liang, Henry Wang, Susan Fullerton, Ke Xu

10/23/19 Congratulations to Shubham Awate and Jerry Liang for winning awards at the Science 2019 PQI poster session! Shubham won a travel award and Jerry won the “veteran” award because he has consistently delivered amazing posters for several years in a row!

August 2019 – Susan giving a talk at the AAAS Symposium at ACS in San Diego

8/6/2019 An ice cream send-off for Aaron to celebrate his time in the Fullerton group and his next adventure in grad school at Purdue! Best wishes Aaron!

7/26/19 . Another awesome workshop with @Devora_Zack
@PittEngineering  this time on leading a team. Here are my most senior team members at the #workshop. These guys are so talented and make this job fun every day.

7/23/19 A fun group lunch at the Union Grill to celebrate a productive summer! ⁦@PittEngineering⁩ ⁦@PittTweet#itsgoodtobeche

5/10/19 Visit to Penn State for the Graphene and Beyond and US-EU workshop on 2D materials! (Front: Aaron Woeppel, Shubham Awate; Back: Jerry Liang, Susan Fullerton, Ke Xu)

All the Pitt Panthers pretending to be Nittany Lions except Aaron Woeppel.


12/14/2018 Susan accepting The James M. Pommersheim Award for Excellence in Engineering Education.  So fortunate that Jim could attend the banquet!


12/13/2018 Susan gives her award talk at AAAS headquarters for the Marion Milligan Mason Award for Women in the Chemical Sciences. Who knew she was a ghostbuster?


12/13/2018 Lilian Hsiao, Corrina Schindler, Vivian Ferry, Heather Kulik and Susan visit the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP).IMG-6899 (1)

10/19/18 Susan, Ke, Aaron, Jerry and Zhongmou at PQI’s poster session at Science 2018.  As co-executive director of PQI, Ke was responsible for helping to organize the event!




10/19/18 Zhongmou, Jerry and Aaron present their work at PQI’s poster session (Science 2018 Conference)



10/2018 Ke and Zhongmou give a lab tour to Pitt’s Nanotechnology Club!


9/13/18 Wonderful seeing Katie O’neill  – graduate student at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, and former undergraduate researcher in the Fullerton lab  – at Graphene week in Spain!


The sidewalks of San Sebastián, Spain.  Now I understand why they are holding Graphene Week here.


Spanish tapas – yes, please.


6/28/2018:  The beautiful Santa Barbara shoreline from the UCSB campus. Visiting for the annual Electronic Materials Conference.


5/30/2018:  Beautiful Boston from the Charles River – visiting MIT for Compound Semiconductor Week 2018


5/19/2018: Dr. Erich Kinder!  The first PhD student from the Fullerton lab is officially hooded!  Erich has been working at Texas Instruments since June 2017.  Susan, Erich, and his family traveled to South Bend to enjoy the festivities!

IMG_3454 IMG_3460

5/9/2018:  Ke and Jerry present the results of their work at Penn State’s 2D workshop “Graphene and Beyond”


4/19/2018: Matei presents the results of his research at PQI 2018!


April 2018:  At Case Western pointing out some quantum entanglement of Lambrechts.  Professors who do similar research, but one in Cleveland and one in Pittsburgh.


April 2018:  Maria finds Mario in the basement of Benedum Hall!  Thanks to the Civil and Environmental Engineering students for such a cool design!

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 2.11.29 PMMarch 2018: Reconnecting with a colleague and friend, Prof. Grace Xing, at Cornell!



11/22/17  Susan presents a demo and discusses careers in engineering at New Brighton Elementary school’s Career Day.


11/19/2017  Jerry presents his poster at Science 2017.  He is awarded the grand prize in the PQI poster competition for the SECOND year in a row!  Congratulations Jerry!


11/2017:  Matei presenting his work at CMU!



10/9/17  Zhongmou and Jerry show students how to observe polymer crystallization with their iphone throughout the day at the Materials Science and Technology conference MS&T17 at the David L. Lawrence convention center!


9/17/17:  Fullerton group

FullSizeRender 62

6/27/17  Celebrating 75 years of device research at the DRC conference at Notre Dame.  Maria Shirey is celebrating with Prof. Grace Xing (Cornell) and Prof. Deji Akinwande (U. Texas, Austin)

FullSizeRender 61


6/23/17  Erich Kinder defended his PhD dissertation titled “Gating of Two Dimensional Materials Using Solid Polymer Electrolytes and Ferroelectrics”.  The photos above were taken during a celebration at Evil Czech Brewery.  Erich is now at Texas Instruments in Dallas.  Congrats Erich!

IMG_8086 IMG_8083 2

6/20/17  Zhongmou completing his Small-Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS) experiments at Oak Ridge National lab.  Thanks to the ORAU Ralph Powe Jr. Award for supporting these measurements!  Right:  morning to go bags courtesy of the Oak Ridge Guest House.


6/1/17  Jerry giving his talk at the ECS meeting in New Orleans on his MoS2 FETs with monolayer electrolytes


5/31/17  Zhongmou giving his talk at the ECS meeting in New Orleans about his filament formation/dissolution work through PEGDA/IL electrolytes

FullSizeRender 57

5/24/17:  A group dinner at Tamarind in Oakland to celebrate the end of a productive spring semester!


5/24/17  Susan is interviewed by Prof. Chandralekha Singh of the Pittsburgh Quantum Institute (PQI)

FullSizeRender 59  FullSizeRender 58

5/24/17  Busy days in the lab!

Top:  Zhongmou, Matei, Jerry; Bottom:  Ke working with Penn State colleagues Brian and Yu-Chuan


5/9/2017  Jerry and Ke present the monolayer electrolyte work at Penn State’s “Graphene and Beyond” 2D crystal workshop


3/31/2017 Ziwei Guo successfully defends in MS thesis in Chemical Engineering

PQI talk

PQI talk

2/7/2017  Susan gives a talk titled “Navigating the work/life balance and using the imposter syndrome to help you excel in your career” in celebration of Pitt’s Year of Diversity through the Pittsburgh Quantum Institute (PQI).  Watch the live version of the talk here.Pizza Lunch

Students and faculty enjoying pizza after the talk.


December 2016:  A group lunch at Sun Penang in Squirrel Hill to celebrate a successful first year at the University of Pittsburgh!  (Ziwei Guo, Susan Fullerton, Jerry Liang, Zhongmou Chao, Lindsey Tian, Ke Xu)

IMG_4905 IMG_4906

11/16/2016 A few of the sights on UC Berkeley’s beautiful campus.  There is lots of parking available…if you happen to be a Nobel Laureate…


10/25/2016  Jerry presenting his poster on the 2D electrolyte project at Pitt’s Chemical Engineering department symposium.


10/21/2016  A reception to celebrate George Klinzing’s 53 years of service at the University!


Blaec presents his undergraduate research using UV/ozone to clean e-beam resist from MoS2 flakes.  (Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium at Duquesne University, 7/29/2016)


Rachael presents her undergraduate research on the formation and dissolution of conductive silver filaments through a polymer/ionic liquid electrolyte.  (Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium at Duquesne University, 7/29/2016)


Dr. Ke Xu presents his work on the development of a 2D electrolyte at the Electronic Materials Conference (EMC) at the University if Delaware 6/23/16


Joint Fullerton/Seabaugh dinner at Bowl of Pho in South Bend, IN to celebrate Sandhya and Erich’s exams!  Even our photographer, Prof. Scott Howard is in the photo! 5/20/16


Congratulations to Erich Kinder for passing his EE PhD candidacy exam!  5/20/16IMG_3190

Congratulations to Sandhya for passing her Electrical Engineering MS thesis defense at Notre Dame!!  5/19/16


A panoramic view of the lab 3/23/16.

The view of Oakland from our lab in Benedum Hall

Fall 2015:  Everyone is so happy during AFM/glovebox training!


Our first group photo at Pitt!  Left to right:  Ziwei Guo, Blaec Toncini, Susan Fullerton, Ke Xu, Zhongmou Chao, Jerry Liang


Previous Photos from the Fullerton Lab at Notre Dame

Erich_APS Huamin_APS

Erich Kinder and Huamin Li give presentations at the 2015 Spring APS meeting in San Antonio, TX.


Fullerton group, Summer 2014:  Katie O’Neill, Buchanan Bourdon, Susan Fullerton, Erich Kinder, Sandhya Vasudevan, Huilong Xu


Summer 2014:  Susan Fullerton, Katie O’Neill, and Hao Lu.  Katie presented her summer research results on the deposition and characterization of a 2D electrolyte on HOPG.


Summer 2014:  Buck Bourdon presents the results of his summer research.  He modeled ion transport for electrostatic doping of 2D FETs.

Group 2013

Fullerton group, Summer 2013:  Buchanan Bourdon, Susan Fullerton, Dean Schaetzl, Huilong Xu, Erich Kinder, Sam Leung


Notre Dame’s LEAST (Low Energy Systems Technology) group, December, 2013


Suong Do’s graduation, May 2013


Heidi Deethardt’s birthday celebration – December 9th, 2013


Erich demonstrates the Bruker Icon AFM inside the MBraun glovebox during a lab tour (September 28th, 2013)


Huilong discusses a device with one of our visitors (September 28th, 2013)


Group discussion in SR B14 (September 2013)


Alan and Sara examine the new Cascade vacuum probe station (September 2013)


Summer 2013, Buck’s poster presentation at the 2013 Undergraduate Research Conference (Susan Fullerton, Buck Bourdon, Hao Lu, Erich Kinder.)


Summer 2013, Dinner at Zing Japanese Fusion (Alan Seabaugh, Andrew Marshall, Joel Schulman, Debdeep Jena, Susan Fullerton, Grace Xing)


Summer 2013, Rafting at the East Race (Alan Seabaugh, Susan Fullerton, Sara Fathipour, Genevieve Vigil)


Fall 2012, Celebration at Rocco’s


2012 Susan Fullerton, Suong Do, Dean Schaetzl, Ziqi Zhang, Josh Vahala, Sam Leung, Alan Seabaugh


Dean and his soldering iron


Summer 2012:  Busy days in SR B14!


Fullerton group, Summer 2011:  Barnali Dey, Susan Fullerton, Suong Do, Dean Schaetzl

Suong_poster Dean_poster

Summer 2011:  Suong and Dean presenting their posters at the undergraduate research conference


Summer 2011:  Is Dean working on his research…..or pretending to be a disc jockey?