6/2021 Welcome rising sophomore, Kayla Kendricks, to the group for a summer undergraduate research experience!

5/2021 Congratulations to undergraduate researcher, Brendan Mostek, who earned SSOE Summer Undergraduate Research support for his continued work on modeling ion/electron transport using COMSOL Multiphysics! So happy to have you with us this summer!

5/2021 Congratulations to Zhongmou Chao for starting his postdoc at Cornell in Chemical Engineering, and Jerry Liang for starting his postdoc at University of Maryland in Electrical Engineering! Looking forward to watching your careers flourish!

1/2021 We welcome Nader Sawtarie to the group as a first year PhD student! He will be working on the MRSEC with ion gating of 2D materials.


11/19/2020 Excited for our new collaboration with Penn State’s MRSEC on 2D metals! Check out the details in this SSOE press release.

11/11/2020 Excellent virtual poster presentations by Henry Wang and Shubham Awate from the Fullerton group earned them both poster awards from the Pittsburgh Quantum Institute! Great job guys!

10/29/2020 Congratulations to both Zhongmou Chao and Jerry Liang for excellent PhD defenses on back-to-back days this week! It’s not the way we envisioned it 5 years ago, but so glad your family and friends were able to join your Zoom defense!

8/15/2020 Congratulations to lab member Henry (Huiran) Wang for passing his PhD qualifying exam!!

8/10/2020 New paper out in ACS AMI with lead first-author and former ChE Undergraduate Researcher, Aaron Woeppel, on modeling single-ion conductors. Congrats on your first, first-authored paper Aaron and best wishes in grad school at Purdue!

7/15/2020 Congrats to Eli Bostian for successfully defending his MS thesis today! Eli was co-advised with Prof. James McKone and gave a nice “Zoom” defense!

3/2/2020 Two papers out TODAY in collaboration with the Laaser lab!  In the first paper, Jerry shows how to lock a p-n junction on a graphene FET using an “ion-locking” polymer custom synthesized by Swati Arora of the Laaser lab. This was an invited paper, published in Materials.  

The second paper highlights the ion-locking polymer itself, published in ACS Materials Letters and with beautiful cover art by Jerry!

2/19/2020 The Nanoionics and Electronics group was well-represented at our Department Research Day:  Zhongmou gave a terrific talk about his research; Jerry and Shubham presented posters on their latest results; Susan gave the featured faculty talk.  Check out the photos page!

2/12/2020 Susan is the recipient of a 2020 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellowship in Chemistry! Check out the announcement from the Sloan Foundation here and the SSOE coverage here.


11/28/2019 Zhongmou’s paper on direct write of silver filaments is published in Advanced Functional Materials! He shows how an ionic liquid in the polymer electrolyte creates a competition for silver nanofilament formation.

10/29/2019 Jerry’s paper on the monolayer electrolyte random access memory (MERAM) is published in Nano Letters!  He shows how an h-BN cap stabilizes the OFF state and enhances device performance.

10/23/2019 Congratulations to both Shubham and Jerry for winning poster awards at Science 2019!  Thank you the Pittsburgh Quantum Institute (PQI) for supporting their work!

9/30/2019 A big congratulations to Shubham for passing his PhD qual exam!

9/20/2019   Susan gave the keynote talk at the 2019 McWhirter Chemical Engineering Graduate Symposium at Penn State! @PennStateChE

9/19/2019  Susan is named as a Swanson School of Engineering Bicentennial Board of Visitors Faculty Fellow.  Thank you to the SSOE Board of Visitors for this wonderful support!

9/18/2019 Our first paper using a single-ion conducting gate is out in ACS AMI, led by Dr. Ke Xu and PhD student Jerry Liang.

8/28/2019 A wonderful visit to San Diego to talk about our work in the ACS-AAAS symposium celebrating the Marion Milligan Mason award winners in the chemical sciences.  Great, as always, so see Lilian Hsiao, Heather Kulik, Vivian Ferry and Corinna Schindler.

8/6/2019 Saying goodbye to Mr. Aaron Woeppel as he heads off for his graduate career at Purdue!  Thank you for your many contributions to our group!

7/19/2019 Thanks to Penn State Engineering Magazine for highlighting our work on page 38 as part of the alumni spotlight!

7/1/2019 Big congratulations to Jerry for winning a 2019 PQI Graduate Student Award!  Thank you PQI!

6/27/2019 Susan gives a talk on the monolayer electrolyte at the Electronic Materials Conference (EMC) in Ann Arbor Michigan.

5/8/2019 A great visit to Penn State for “Graphene and Beyond” along with the US-EU workshop on 2D materials!  PhD students Jerry Liang and Shubham Awate presented posters on their work, along with undergraduate researcher Aaron Woeppel!  Check out pictures here.

4/24/2019 Happy for this nice work by my former Notre Dame grad student Sandhya to be published in JPC-C! She discovered some interesting trends between the aspect ratio of nanofillers and ion conductivity in polymer electrolyte composites. Check it out!

4/24/2019 Susan gives a talk at the 2019 MRS meeting about our work using single-ion conductors to induce strain in 2D materials – hello sunny Phoenix!

4/18/2019 Congratulations to PhD student Zhongmou Chao for winning a travel award from the Pittsburgh Quantum Institute (PQI) for his awesome poster presentation at PQI’s annual event!  Great job Zhongmou and thank you PQI!

4/10/2019 Check out our new paper in Frontiers in Chemistry led by our Notre Dame collaborators Paul Bohn and David Go.  We show a new method for fabricating nanopore-templated Ag nanoparticle arrays by in situ photopolymerization in a zero-mode waveguide array.

4/8/2019 Thanks to the newly formed student group Women in Materials Science (WiMS) at Penn State for inviting me to give a talk!  I had a blast!

1/24/2019 The journal, Science, published a news article highlighting the AAAS Marion Milligan Mason award winners, including a nice photo of a happy Jerry Liang from the Fullerton lab!

Check out Susan’s AAAS awards talk.


12/14/2018 So happy to receive the James Pommersheim Award for excellence in Teaching for the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering!  It’s been a fun week!!

12/14/2018  PhD student, Zhongmou Chao, wins the department award for best paper for Summer 2018!  A fantastic effort by Zhongmou – check out his work in the journal, Small!

12/13/2018  Delighted to announce that my NSF-DMR-EPM CAREER proposal was approved for funding!  So happy to have several more years to work on the monolayer electrolyte!  Check out the press release.

12/13/2018  Susan attends the AAAS Marion Milligan Mason two-day workshop and awards ceremony in Washington DC!  The awardees had the opportunity to network with representatives from AAAS, ACS, the National Academies, Science editors, program offices and visited with staff at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy!  It was a wonderful time – check out some photos here!  We even had a shout-out from Bill Nye the Science Guy!

12/3/2018 Ever notice that ultra-thin layer of polymer residue remaining on your 2D FETs after nanofabrication? Does it interfere with ion gating? Find the answers in our third journal publication this month led by Pitt ChE PhD student, Jerry Liang, in Advanced Materials Interfaces.

11/13/2018  Ions have a bad reputation for being slow. In our second ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces paper this month, Dr. Ke Xu from leads our collaborative effort with Purdue and Notre Dame to show just how speedy ions can be in ion-gated 2D crystal transistors.

11/03/2018 Would you like salt on your 2D crystal? Led by our collaborators in the Robinson group at Penn State, check out our new publication in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces on what happens to the electronic and photonic properties of MoS2 when you add NaCl during growth.

10/26/2018  Susan wins one of five AAAS Marion Milligan Mason Awards for Women in Chemical Sciences!  She is really excited for the two-day meeting and awards ceremony to be held in December at AAAS headquarters!

10/18/2018  Zhongmou, Jerry and Aaron present the results of their work at the PQI poster session  – part of the Science 2018 conference at Pitt.  Check out some photos here!

9/13/2018 Susan gives an invited talk at Graphene Week as a delegate for the US-EU Workshop on 2D materials!  She shared our progress on nanoionic memory using a new electrolyte developed by our group.

9/1/2018  Eli passes his PhD qualifying exam!  Congrats Eli!

8/17/2018 Zhongmou publishes in the journal, Small!  Check out his result on direct-writing nanofilaments through a polymer/ionic liquid thin film.  He discovers something unusual – the fastest filament form through the most crystalline regions of the film.

6/27/2018  Susan presents the first results on the NSF-funded ionomers project at the Electronic Materials Conference (EMC) in Santa Barbara.

5/30/2018:  Susan gives an invited talk at Compound Semiconductor Week (CSW 2018) in Boston on electric double layer dynamics on graphene FETs.  Thank you for the opportunity to share our latest work!

5/19/2018:  Susan traveled to South bend, IN to hood the first PhD student from the Fullerton lab – Dr. Erich Kinder!  Check out the photos page!

5/14/2018:  Jerry presents his latest results at ECS in Seattle!  Thanks to PQI for the travel award from Jerry’s winning poster presentation at Science 2017.

5/9/2018:  Ke and Jerry present their work at Penn State’s Graphene and Beyond workshop!  See the photos page for some pictures.

5/4/2018:  Susan’s “Innovation Unleashed” podcast is released where she talks about tiny electronics and the future of Moore’s law.  Thanks to Prof. Alan Russell  at CMU for the opportunity to share our work.

4/19/2018 Jerry and Matei present their work on 2D materials at the PQI 2018 conference!  See the photos page for some pictures.

4/6/2018 Susan gave an invited talk in the Materials Science and Engineering Department at the University of Texas at Dallas.  Nice to return to UTD and have a closer look at the extensive equipment and resources available for cutting-edge materials work!

4/2/2018 Susan gave an invited talk in the Condensed Matter Physics seminar series at Case Western – a great day of learning about all the exciting 2D work happening at Case!

4/2/2018  Undergraduate researcher and COMSOL expert, Aaron Woeppel, was awarded undergraduate summer research support from the Swanson School of Engineering and Covestro – thank you!

3/15/2018  Susan gave an invited talk in the Materials Science and Engineering Department at Cornell University on “Using ions to control transport in 2D materials”.  Had a great time reconnecting with collaborators and meeting new faculty and students!

3/13/2018  Zhongmou Chao wins a PPG Graduate Research Fellowship for his work on “Polymer coatings with reconfigurable optical properties.”  Congratulations Zhongmou and thank you to the PPG Foundation!

2/20/18  Matei Jordache wins the OXE undergraduate research competition at Pitt Chemical Engineering research day!  Matei presented his work on characterizing exfoliation methods on 2D materials.  Jerry Liang also presented a poster at the graduate poster session on 2D ion memory, and Zhongmou Chao gave a talk about his work on polymer coatings with reconfigurable optical properties.

1/23/2018  New funding from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and NineSigma!  As one of the winners of the Circular Materials Challenge, our team will join a 12-month accelerator program in collaboration with Think Beyond Plastic, working with experts to make their innovations marketable at scale.  Check out the article here!

1/23/2018  New paper in ACS nano where we measure the electronic properties of wide-area, electronic-grade, WSe2 grown by the Robinson group @PennStateMatSE. A fun collaboration across 5 universities!


11/22/2017 Susan visited New Brighton Elementary school to discuss careers in engineering and materials science for their annual Career Day! The students even got to see a demo on observing polymer crystallization using your iphone.

11/19/2017 We welcome Eli Bostian, a first-year PhD student to the group! Eli will be co-advised by Prof. James McKone and he will kick off his research with the NSF-funded ionomers project.

11/14/2017 Proud of Jerry Liang for winning the grand prize at the annual Science PQI poster competition not just one, but TWO years in a row!  $1000 travel award, ipad and echo dot.  Thank you Pittsburgh Quantum Institute!

10/13/17 Check out this new promo video for the Pittsburgh Quantum Institute (PQI) featuring our lab, including Jerry & Zhongmou!

9/19/2017 Susan gives an invited talk in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Michigan!  Thank you for the opportunity!

9/15/2017  We welcome undergraduate research Aaron Woeppel to the group!   Aaron will be working on the theory aspect of the NSF-funded ionomers project.

7/17/2017  Erich’s paper showing how polymer structure can increase EDL retention time by six orders of magnitude is published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.  Check it out here!

7/14/2017  Huamin’s paper on PEO:LiClO4 EDL dynamics on graphene FETs is published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C.  Check it out here!

6/23/2017  Erich Kinder successfully defends his PhD dissertation titled “Gating of Two Dimensional Materials Using Solid Polymer Electrolytes and Ferroelectrics.”  He has started his job at Texas Instruments in Dallas.  Congratulations Erich!  Click here to check out photos of the celebration at Evil Czech Brewery!

6/01/2017  Susan joins the Executive Committee of the Pittsburgh Quantum Institute (PQI)

5/29/2017  Susan, Jerry and Zhongmou traveled to New Orleans this week to present their work at the 231st Electrochemical Society (ECS) meeting.  Susan gave an invited talk on the monolayer electrolyte for memory, Jerry talked about the monolayer electrolyte on MoS2 FETs and our efforts to top-gate the device, and Zhongmou talked about the formation/dissolution of conductive silver filaments through his ionic liquid-filled polymer electrolyte system.  Special thanks to PQI for supporting Jerry’s travel!

5/16/2017  Ke Xu’s paper is published in ACS Nano highlighting a new type of monolayer electrolyte for 2D crystals.  The paper is titled “Monolayer Solid-State Electrolyte for Electric Double Layer Gating of Graphene Field-Effect Transistors“.  This is the first paper describing the effect of the monolayer electrolyte on a device – kudos to Ke!

5/1/2017  Check out our new paper in ACS Nano on the formation and dissolution of filaments in nanoparticle-filled solid polymer electrolyte films.  Addressable Direct-Write Nanoscale Filament Formation and Dissolution by Nanoparticle-Mediated Bipolar Electrochemistry  This is this first paper from our DARPA atoms to products grant in collaboration with U. of Notre Dame!

3/31/2017  Congratulations to Ziwei Guo for passing his MS thesis defense in Chemical Engineering!  Ziwei’s thesis is titled “Electrolyte Gating of TIPS-Pentacene and Graphene Field Effect Transistors”

3/24/2017  Check out our new publication in J. Phys. Chem. C on the growth mode of TiOPc, led by Jun Park and Andy Kumme at UCSD.  TiOPc passivation is especially useful for 2D materials. “Growth Mode Transition from Monolayer by Monolayer to Bilayer by Bilayer in Molecularly Flat Titanyl Phthalocyanine Film”

2/27/2017  Dr. Ke Xu gave an invited talk in the 2D Nanomaterials for Nanoelectronics session at TMS 2017 in San Diego.  The talk was titled “Using Ions to Control Transport in Two-dimensional Materials for Electronics” with authors Ke Xu, JieruiLiang, HaoLu Erich Kinder, Andrew Kummel, Alan Seabaugh, Susan Fullerton-Shirey.  Stay tuned for a publication on this work during spring 2017!

2/24/2017  Led by Prof. Scott Howard at the University of Notre Dame, check out our new paper in Optical Materials Express that describes a new type of nanoprobe for two photon oxygen microscopy.  Make sure to pay careful attention to the beautiful figures by the first author, Aamir Khan!

2/14/2017  In collaboration with Prof. Weihua Wang and Prof. KJ Cho at UT Dallas, check out this new publication on the energetics of cation transport through crown ethers.  This work provides theoretical support to our experimental work on 2D electrolytes.  “Energetics of metal ion adsorption on and diffusion through crown ethers:  first principles study on two-dimensional electrolyte Solid State Ionics 301, 176-181 (2017)

2/7/2017  Do you ever feel like an imposter?  Susan gave an invited talk on the subject as part of the Pittsburgh Quantum Institute’s celebration of Pitt’s Year of Diversity.  The talk is titled “Navigating the work/life balance and using the imposter syndrome to help you excel in your career“.  Watch the live version of the talk here.

1/30/2017  Susan gives an invited talk titled “Polymer electrolytes for exploring transport in two-dimensional materials for electronics” in Penn State’s polymer physics seminar in the Materials Science and Engineering Department.

1/5/2017  The group welcomes undergraduate researchers Brian Radka and Matei Jordache to the lab!


12/20/2016  New publication in the Journal of Applied Physics using PEO/CsClO4 to explore transport in WSe2 FETs.  Check it out!

12/12/2016  Check out a new open access review article we contributed to in the journal, 2D materials, titled “2D materials advances: from large scale synthesis and controlled heterostructures to improved characterization techniques, defects and applications”  This article was downloaded 1400 times in the first 9 days!

12/8/2016  The group welcomes PhD student Yunze (Lindsey) Tian! Lindsey will be working on a new NSF-funded project exploring strain in MoTe2.

12/5/2016  Congratulations to group member Jerry Liang for winning the grand prize at the PQI, Science 2016 poster session!  Jerry presented his work on the development of a 2D electrolyte for electrostatic doping of 2D materials.  The prize includes a $1000 travel grant to a 2017 conference, an Echo Dot and an ipad!  Thank you to the Pittsburgh Quantum Institute.  Read more here

11/16/2016  Susan gives an invited talk at Berkeley on electrolyte gating for nanoelectronics.  Thanks for a fun visit, Sayeef Salahuddin!

11/14/2016  Susan gives at talk at the AIChE meeting in San Francisco on electrostatic double layer 2D memory.

10/25/2016  Jerry presented a poster of his work on the 2D electrolyte project at Pitt’s Chemical Engineering department symposium.

10/20/2016  Susan gives an invited talk at Science 2016 Game Changers on the 2D memory project.  To celebrate Pitt’s year of diversity, the session featured four women faculty members who are also members of the Pittsburgh Quantum Institute (PQI).  Thank you for the opportunity!  Watch the talk here

9/30/2016  Ke, Jerry and Susan visit Micron Technology, Inc. in Boise Idaho.

8/1/2016  If you want to lower the gate leakage current through the topgate oxide in your 2D crystal FET, then check out how we use TiOPc to seed Al2O3 growth on WSe2 in our new ACS nano paper.  This effort was led by Prof. Andy Kummel at UCSD!

7/29/2016  Undergraduate researchers, Rachel Buck and Blaec Toncini, presented the results of their summer work at the 19th annual Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium at Duquesne University.  Check out some photos here!

6/23/2016  Dr. Ke Xu gave a talk titled “Ion-Doping of Graphene FETs Using a Two-Dimensional Solid-State Electrolyte” at the Electronic Materials Conference (EMC) at the U. of Delaware.  

6/6/2016  Welcome NSF REU student Rachel Buck to the lab!  Rachel is from the University of Minnesota Duluth, and she will be working on the DARPA A2P project this summer.

5/27/2016  Susan gives an invited talk on ion doping for 2D transistors and memory at the CMOS Emerging Technologies conference in Montreal, Canada.

5/20/2016  Erich Kinder passes his PhD candidacy exam – congrats!

5/19/2016  Sandhya Vasudevan passes her MS thesis defense in Electrical Engineering at the University of Notre Dame!  Congratulations Sandhya – great job!

5/19/2016 Press release on the new NSF grant to study the semiconductor to metal transition in 2D materials.

5/13/2016  Susan is awarded a a 2016 Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award from the Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU).  Check out the press release! (also posted @ Penn State ChE and Pittsburgh Post Gazette)

5/10/2016  Susan gives an invited talk on electrostatic double layer 2D crystal memory at “Graphene and Beyond 2016” at Penn State University.

5/05/2016  Susan gives an invited talk about electrolyte gating of 2D crystals at the 2016 Innovations in Materials conference at Pitt.  Thanks to PPG for sponsoring the event!

5/03/2016  New funding for the Fullerton group – NSF-DMR $496k  PI:  Susan Fullerton, co-PI:  Eric Beckman “A New Approach to Explore the Semiconductor-to-Metal Phase Transition in Two-Dimensional Crystals Using Ionomers” 

5/01/2016  Erich Kinder has accepted a summer internship at Texas Instruments in Dallas!

4/20/2016  Susan talks about the memory project at the Pittsburgh Quantum Institute (PQI) 2016 – Quantum Challenges meeting.  We had a beautiful reception and dinner at Phipps!

4/18/2016  Check out what happens to WSe2 when it’s exposed to air in our ACS Nano paper that includes collaborators from 6 different universities!  A great effort led by Prof. Andy Kummel.

3/30/2016  Susan gives an invited talk at the spring MRS meeting in Phoenix titled “2D Electrolytes for the Development of 2D Crystal Memory”  The talk was featured in MRS Meeting Scene.

3/28/2016  Erich Kinder delivered a talk titled “Room Temperature Static Doping of 2D Crystals Using an Ion-Locking Electrolyte” at the spring MRS meeting in Phoenix, AZ.

1/11/2016  Congratulations to Sandhya Vasudevan for passing her PhD qualifying exam in Electrical Engineering at Notre Dame!


11/9/2015:  Susan presents a talk titled “Engineering the interplay between ion and electron transport for low-power transistors and memory” at the AIChE meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah.

11/4/2015:  Susan gives an invited talk in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Pitt.

11/2/2015:  Ke Xu has changed his affiliation from Notre Dame to Pitt and will continue his work in the LEAST center. Welcome to Pittsburgh Ke, we are so happy to have you here!

9/22/2015:  A new publications in Nano Letters on the deposition of high-quality dielectrics on 2D materials.

9/21/2015:  Interview with Pitt’s AIChE chapter, written by the highly talented Mr. Charlie Hansen!

9/16/2015:  Susan gives an invited talk in the 2D materials center at Carnegie Mellon University titled “Ion gating of 2D materials for logic and memory”

10/1/2015:  Jerry Liang has joined the group to work on the NSF ion memory project.  Welcome Jerry!

9/1/2015:  Zhongmou Chao has joined the group to work on the DARPA A2P project.  Welcome Zhongmou!

8/31/2015:  Check out our new paper titled “Solution-Cast Monolayers of Cobalt Crown Ether Phthalocyanine on Highly Ordered Pyrolytic Graphite” in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C.  We show that an ordered monolayer of cobalt crown ether phthalocyanine can be deposited on the surface of HOPG by simple drop casting and annealing. This work lays the foundation for the development of two-dimensional nanoionic devices for logic and memory.

8/31/2015:  The Fullerton group has moved to the University of Pittsburgh – happy to be back in the ‘Burgh!

Previous Fullerton Lab News at the University of Notre Dame

06/01/2015:   Ashley Fuller and Eddie Hunckler join the group as summer undergraduate researchers.  Ashley is supported by NDnano’s NURF program and will be working on measuring the thermal properties of polymer electrolytes.  Eddie is supported by an NSF REU and is working on cleaning graphene FETs.  Welcome to the lab!

05/12/2015:  Erich Kinder gives a poster on his high Tg electrolyte at the INC11 conference in Japan!  He was supported by an NSF travel grant.

05/11/2105:  Susan gives an invited talk at the University of California, Riverside – Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

04/15/2015:  Open Access Publication:  Huilong’s paper on electrolyte-gated MoTe2 is published with open access in ACS nano.  [Download PDF:  2015_ACS_nano_Electrolyte_gated_MoTe2.pdf].  We show reconfigurable p- and n-type gating, ON/OFF ratios of 5 decades, and a p-n junction.  Download above or check it out on the ACS website!

04/29/2015:  Lab News: The Fullerton lab will be moving to the University of Pittsburgh, Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, starting Fall 2015.  Check out the press release on Pitt’s website and Pittsburgh Business Times.  Looking forward to some exciting times in the Burgh!

04/23/2015:  Susan presents a poster on our ion memory project at the joint US-EU Workshop on 2D Materials and Devices in Arlington, VA.

03/02/2015  Erich and Huamin present papers at the March APS meeting in San Antonio, TX.

01/21/2015:  Erich Kinder wins 3rd place prize at the IEEE mini-symposium on Electron Devices and Photonics held at Notre Dame.  Congrats Erich! Thank you to our industry judges from ThorLabs, BP, IBM, Raytheon and International Rectifier.


12/05/2014:  Hao Lu passes her candidacy exam!  Congrats Hao!

11/13/2014:  In collaboration with Prof. Scott Howard (EE) and graduate student, Aamir Kahn (EE), our new paper, published in RSC Advances, describes the preparation and characterization of an oxygen-sensitive, nanomicelle probe used for in vivo imaging.

09/26/2014:  Susan gives a talk to the MRSEC group at the University of Minnesota on “Field-controlled ion gating for low power transistors and graphene memory.”

08/26/2014:  Dean’s paper is highlighted by NDnano – read more here!

08/18/2014:  Ke Xu has joined the group as a postdoctoral scholar.  He will work on ion-doping for low power electronics.  Welcome Ke!

08/01/2014:  Katie O’Neill and Buck Bourdon present posters describing their summer research at Notre Dame’s Undergraduate Research Symposium.  Check out some photos here.

07/18/2014:  Our new paper titled “Magnetic Alignment of Gamma (Core)–Alpha (Shell) Fe2O3 Nanorods in a Solid Polymer Electrolyte for Li-Ion Batteries,” addresses the impact of nanorod alignment on the structure and ion transport of a solid polymer electrolyte.  The results show that alignment has a huge impact on the crystalline structure of the electrolyte, but ion transport is not significantly affected. Interestingly, electrolytes with the largest fraction of crystalline (PEO)6:LiClO4 also have the highest conductivity.  The paper is published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 

07/11/2014:   New funding from the NSF:  “GOALI: A low-voltage nonvolatile single transistor flash memory device based on ion transport in 2D electrolytes” Susan Fullerton (PI), Alan Seabaugh (co-PI)  Read the news story here.

06/15/2014:  Sandhya Vasudevan, a first year EE graduate student, has joined the group and will be working on the battery project.  Welcome Sandhya!

05/27/2014:  Katie O’Neill and Buck Bourdon join the group as 2014 Nanoelectronic Undergraduate Research Fellows (NURF).  Buck, co-advised with Alan Seabaugh, will continue the COMSOL modeling that he started during summer 2013 as NURF, and Katie will work on 2D electrolytes for ion-graphene memory.  Katie joins us from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.  Welcome!

05/14/2014:  Susan presented Dean Schaetzl’s recent work on aligning magnetic nanorods in solid polymer electrolytes at the spring meeting of the Electrochemical Society (ECS).

05/12/2014: Three conference presentations were given by the Fullerton group on the same day in two countries!  Erich Kinder gave two talks at the ECS Spring meeting in Orlando, FL.  One talk covered his work on Li intercalation in a 2D MoS2 FET, and the other talk covered his work on ion-graphene memory.  Meanwhile, in Montpellier, France, Huilong Xu presented his work on the reconfigurable ion doping of MoTe2 at ISCS as part of Compound Semiconductor Week 2014.

05/07/2014:  Fullerton gives Starnet Accel eWorshop on “Field-controlled ion doping of transition metal dichalcogenide FETs and two-dimensional ion-graphene memory

04/04/2014:  A visit with researchers from Tyndall National Institute in Cork, Ireland: Irish Eyes Are Smiling at Expanded Opportunities of Collaboration

03/14/2014:  Filed patent on 2D ion memory.  “Fullerton-Shirey, S.K.; Seabaugh, A.C. Single transistor random access memory using ion storage in two-dimensional crystals” Serial No.: 14/213,310.

02/26/2014: New Funding from the Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame (cSEND) to study new polymer electrolytes for Li-ion batteries. PIs:  Elaine Zhu (ChE), Haifeng Gao (Chem), Susan Fullerton (EE)

01/20/2014:  Nanoelectronics Undergraduate Research Fellowship (NURF) applications are being accepted for Summer 2014.


10/01/2013: Kiersten Lieurance, a Marian High School student, joined the group. She will be making polymer electrolyte samples and electrical measurements with Erich Kinder in preparation for two science fairs during spring 2014.

08/26/2013: Erich Kinder passes both the oral and written portions of his qualifying exam! Congratulations Erich!

07/22/2013: Huilong Xu, a Visiting Research Assistant Professor, joins the group. Huilong will work on steep slope transistors and electrostatic doping in the LEAST center. Welcome Huilong!

06/26/2013 Susan gives two talks at the EMC conference (1) Dean’s work on aligning magnetic nanorods in a solid polymer electrolyte and (2) Suong’s work on the influence of nanofiller aspect ratio on ionic conductivity in solid polymer electrolytes.

05/14/2013 New Equipment installed in the lab: 5 port MBraun gloveboxes enclosing a built-in spin coater and Bruker Icon AFM.

03/1/2013 Buchanan “Buck” Bourdon is awarded a 2013 Nanoelectronic Undergraduate Research Fellowship (NURF) by NDnano. Welcome Buck!

02/27/2013 Our recent paper, published in Langmuir, uses Neutron Reflectometry to study the loading and distribution of a small-molecule drug through a thermo-responsive polymer brush (pNIPAAM). The results have important implications for applications such as drug delivery and gating.

01/17/2013 NEW FUNDING: Center for Low Energy Systems Technology (LEAST): Notre Dame to be part of $194-million university research center network focused on next-generation microelectronics
Funding sources: The Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).  Check out the LEAST website!

01/15/2013 Erich Kinder, a first year graduate student in EE, joins the group and will be working on
nanoionic memory as part of LEAST. Welcome Erich!


11/29/2012 Fall 2012 MRS meeting, Boston: Susan presents results of our neutron reflectometry study on the effect of small-molecule drug loading on the LCST and thickness of pNIPAAm brushes. This work was a collaboration with Lindsay Elliott, Paul Bohn, Benxin Jing, Yingxi Zhu (Notre Dame), and Bulent Akgun (NCNR).

09/28/2012 Our recent paper, published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C, shows that iron oxide nanorods are more effective than spherical nanoparticles per unit volume at improving Li-ion transport in polyethylene oxide.

04/10/2012 Suong was selected to receive a 2012 Vincent P. Slatt Fellowship for Undergraduate Research in Energy Systems and Processes by the Notre Dame Center for Sustainable Energy (cSEND). The fellowship will support her research on the battery project. Congratulations Suong!

02/28/2012 Dean Schaetzl, Samuel Leung and Josh Vahala are awarded 2012 Nanoelectronic Undergraduate Research Fellowships (NURF) by NDnano. This is Dean’s second summer in the group, and Sam & Josh’s first. Welcome!

01/22/2012 Dean’s research is featured in the South Bend Tribune


12/09/2011    Susan gives invited talk at the Technische Universität München, Germany, on the battery project.

10/11/2011    Presented research at the ECS meeting in Boston.

09/23/2011    Our paper is featured on the cover of the Journal of Polymer Science B, Polymer physics – check it out!

08/09/2011    Paper titled “Influence of thermal history and humidity on the ionic conductivity of nanoparticle-filled solid polymer electrolytes” is published early online in the Journal of Polymer Science B.

08/05/2011    Suong Do and Dean Schaetzl complete their summer research and present their posters at the Undergraduate Research Conference.

06/10/2011    Susan gives an invited talk at the ACS Central Regional meeting in the New Advances in Polymer Materials session.

05/16/2011    Dean Schaetzl (Purdue) and Suong Do (St. Mary’s/Notre Dame) join the group as summer Nanoelectronic Undergraduate Research Fellows (NURF).  EE graduate student, Barnali Dey, also joins the group for the summer.  All three students will be working on the battery project.  Welcome!

03/15/2011    Lindsay and Susan travel to the NCNR for neutron experiments.


12/07/2010   Susan attends the NNI National Nanotechnology Innovation Summit in DC.

12/06/2010   News article on the battery project – complete with a picture of Suong!  Click here to check it out.

10/01/2010   Suong Do and Melissa Cunningham will be working on the battery project – welcome!

09/13/2010   Susan attends the 2010 Nano-Energy Workshop at Lehigh University.

09/01/2010   Sarah completes her summer research.

06/26/2010    Presented research at the American Conference on Neutron Scattering [ACNS], Neutron Scattering for the Study of Soft Matter Tutorial, Ottawa, ON, Canada

05/03/2010    Paper titled “Structure and mobility of PEO/LiClO4 solid polymer electrolytes filled with Al2O3 nanoparticles” is published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C.

03/30/2010    Presented research to the 2010 National Academies Panel on Neutron Research  at the NIST Center for Neutron Research

03/14/2010     Attended the APS March meeting in Portland, Oregon, along with a pre-conference workshop on “Opportunities in Energy Research”.

03/01/2010     Sarah Schubert is selected to receive one of NDnano’s Nanoelectronics Undergraduate Research Fellowships [NURF] and will join the group in May 2010.  Welcome!


12/16/2009    Solid polymer electrolyte research highlighted in the 2009 NIST Center for  Neutron Research annual report.

10/15/2009    Presented research to NSF review panel at the NIST Center for Neutron Research

09/15/2009    Susan starts at Notre Dame.

08/15/2009    Penn State Graduation!

06/19/2009    Susan passes PhD defense.  Quickly masters several video games.

03/24/2009    Paper titled “Effect of LiClO4 on the Structure and Mobility of PEO-Based Solid Polymer Electrolytes” is published in Macromolecules.

03/17/2009    Susan wins the 2009 Frank J. Padden Jr. Award for “Excellence in Polymer Research” at the March meeting of the American Physical Society [APS]